<p>A proposed state law would ban future tobacco sales to anyone born after 2006 but, for now, spares the growing legal marijuana industry.</p>

<p>The bill, Assembly Bill 935 by Assemblyman Damon Connolly, D-San Rafael, would ban all future tobacco product sales to anyone born after January 1, 2007, meaning that someone 16- or 17 years-old today would never be able to purchase tobacco in California in their lifetime.</p>

<p>“I want to quit smoking,” pleaded Paul Wells of 23 years of age. He was five when he, his brother and sister arrived in the United States from Poland after a long adoption process.</p>
<p>He had it all, a wonderful adoptive mother, the nation safest city to live in, an excellent high school in Irvine, new friend and relatives. However, his life took a bad shift when he lit his first cigarette. It never crossed in his mind that as teenager he would be so hooked on cigarettes.</p>