<p>The way that the Chula Vista Elementary school board does business began to change when three new trustees, Leslie Bunker, Francisco Tamayo and Dr. Eduardo Reyes, were elected in November.</p>
<p>Discussion on the dais at the April 15 Chula Vista Elementary meeting signaled one of the new directions. The district agendized a service agreement with the controversial organization Teach For America from July 2015 until June 30 2018.<br>

Endorsements for the Chula Vista Elementary School District

Chula Vista Elementary School District was not embroiled in the recent corruption scandals. The issue with CV Elementary has been the lack of democracy. There was a time in recent history when every board member had originally been appointed to his/her seat. Prior to that, four of the five board members all lived in Bonita. This insidious Old Boy’s network has gone on far too long, and for the first time in many years we have an open election where true representation can be voted upon.

Seat 1: