For the Hispanic community the City of Escondido is considered one of the most anti-Hispanic, racist cities, in the nation. Escondido is more closely associated with their driver’s license checkpoints with immigration officials on hand, the law that penalized landlords for renting to undocumented immigrants, city council voting to evict the Charros de Escondido from their historical park grounds in favor of a ballpark, and the police and ICE officials working hand in hand, than the down home diverse city of hard working people that it is.

<strong>New America Media/The California News Service</strong></p>
<p>BURLINGAME —Rocky Chavez, a former Undersecretary of the California Department of Veterans Affairs, is a proud Republican. Chavez joined the GOP while serving with the Marines in Korea, attracted to the party’s stance on education—ensuring that teachers are paid on merit—and the strong belief in a free market economy.</p>