<p>Cinco de Mayo.</p>
<p>The mother of all misunderstood, misquoted, misinterpreted and maligned of holidays.</p>
<p>It’s bad enough that American suds sellers hijacked the hell out of the “holiday,” now we’re even having to re-educate some of our own Chiacna/o/Latina/o masses thanks in part to our obscured Eurocentric form of education.</p>

<strong>Frontera NorteSur</strong></p>
<p>“We were the Ellis Island of the Southwest,” Fred Morales declared, as the El Paso historian kicked off a tour of the neighborhood known as Chihuahuita, or Little Chihuahua. Nudged up against the Rio Grande, Chihuahuita has experienced the arrival of immigrants of many colors and nationalities over the centuries, Morales told a group of about 35 people gathered for one of his monthly walking history tours the last weekend of June.</p>