Chula Vista City Council


<p>The Chula Vista City Council has voted twice on the appointment of a community member to serve on an important sales tax oversight committee, but now both votes are raising concerns over their legality.</p>

<p>The Council first voted on the nomination of Jesse Navarro to serve on the Citizens' Oversight Committee on May 16th after Mayor John McCann made a motion for his appointment.</p>

By Arturo Castañares

A local City Councilwoman who runs a political consulting firm has never reported her employer's clients which could pose conflicts-of-interest as she serves on the City Council.

Andrea Cardenas, who was elected to the Chula Vista City Council in November 2020, lists her employment as “Director of Community Engagement” for Grassroots Resources Inc. on her annual Form 700 Economic Interests disclosure forms filed with the City of Chula Vista in 2021 and 2022.