Jose Preciado


<p>The Chula Vista City Council has voted twice on the appointment of a community member to serve on an important sales tax oversight committee, but now both votes are raising concerns over their legality.</p>

<p>The Council first voted on the nomination of Jesse Navarro to serve on the Citizens' Oversight Committee on May 16th after Mayor John McCann made a motion for his appointment.</p>


What gives politics a bad name? It is the politicians. A good example of this was just this past week when several Latino elected “leaders” endorsed Nathan Fletcher for mayor! The assumption being that because these are Latino “leaders” Fletcher is the best choice to represent the Hispanic community!

As we read the press release, we found ourselves scratching our heads as we tried to recall exactly what Fletcher has done in the past that would recommend him as the best choice for the Hispanic community. Frankly, we couldn’t come up with much.