By Patrick Osio

 You’re planning a vacation trip; you want to stay relatively close to home, no overseas travel, not this year. Maybe Mexico or in the U.S. – but it has to be affordable and with plenty to do. So you’re reading about some cities. You find one of interest, but on reading other information lo and behold you find that the chances of becoming a crime victim in that city are 1 out of 4 – a whopping 25% chance of being a crime victim. That ended that city as a destination.

<p style="text-align: left;"><span style="font-size: medium;">Why La Raza has a right to celebrate the Fourth </span></p>
<p>&nbsp;My mother Pepa and I were grocery shopping in the Texas border town of Del Rio, where I was born and raised, preparing for our regular family’s annual Fourth of July picnic, when a Little League teammate of mine, Bubba, bumped into us.</p>
<p>&nbsp;“Howdy!” roared Bubba, a real big kid for his age. “What y’all doin’ here today?”</p>