<p><span style="font-size: medium;">Born in this county a new ‘chapines’ association</span></p>
<p><strong>NORTH COUNTY</strong> — Less than six months ago in San Diego, an organization comprised of Guatemalan residents was formed.</p>

<p><span style="font-size: medium;">Dime con quién andas y te diré quién eres… Spanish Proverb</span></p>
<p>&nbsp;Lately no one seems to be more involved in the defense of Democracy than Presidente maybe for Life Hugo Chavez.</p>
<p>&nbsp;After the Supreme Court of Honduras and the Congress of Honduras decided to step in an end the unconstitutional and illegal power grab of Presidente wanna be for Life Zelaya, no one has whined as much as our own golpista, President Chavez.</p>

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<p><strong>TUCSON</strong> — A grueling spiritual run from Tucson to Phoenix in defense of ethnic studies—in 110-plus-degree heat—culminated in a resounding victory in front of Arizonaxs state Capitol.</p>

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<p><strong>MERIDA, Mexico</strong> — In this past Sunday’s midterm elections in Mexico, President Felipe Calderon’s party suffered a stunning rebuke from voters that, more than a defeat for the governing party, demonstrated the maturity of Mexico’s democracy.</p>

<p>&nbsp;Mariana Chew-Sánchez ha sido el blanco de un bombardeo tóxico que ha durado prácticamente toda su vida.</p>
<p>&nbsp;Cuando era muy niña, desde Ciudad Juárez, México, miraba con una mezcla de amargura e impotencia esa nube de humo negro amarillento que día y noche cabalgaba de la chimenea de la fundición de plomo ASARCO en El Paso, Texas, hasta los pulmones de toda su comunidad.</p>