Nathan Fletcher


<p>Two local law enforcement groups sent nearly identical political ads to voters attacking San Diego Councilwoman Monica Montgomery Steppe in her campaign to replace disgraced County Supervisor Nathan Fletcher in an August 15th special election by claiming she lied about reduced homicide rates in her district, but an email shows she used statistics provided to her office last year by the San Diego Police Department.</p>

The region has been watching and waiting as disgraced San Diego County Supervisor Nathan Fletcher clings to his political life after he announced he will resign amid allegations of sexual harassment from at least two women.

Fletcher made a surprise announcement late on Sunday, March 26th, that he was seeking rehab treatment for PTSD, trauma, and alcohol abuse, and ending his campaign for State Senate in next year's election cycle.


What gives politics a bad name? It is the politicians. A good example of this was just this past week when several Latino elected “leaders” endorsed Nathan Fletcher for mayor! The assumption being that because these are Latino “leaders” Fletcher is the best choice to represent the Hispanic community!

As we read the press release, we found ourselves scratching our heads as we tried to recall exactly what Fletcher has done in the past that would recommend him as the best choice for the Hispanic community. Frankly, we couldn’t come up with much.

Dear “Sister” Gonzalez,

Words cannot express how disappointed I felt to read your message endorsing Nathan Fletcher for Mayor. One would never know by reading your message that just 3 1/2 months ago you served as Secretary-Treasurer of the San Diego-Imperial Counties Labor Council.

In one fell swoop, your public endorsement of Nathan Fletcher not only undermines the Labor Council and the progressive coalition you worked hard to build during your tenure with the Labor Council, but it also calls into question your own political judgment and integrity.